The ultimate fitness solution

It rolls to you

There is literally nothing better to train your abs. Besides that, it trains whole upper core and arms. The time of weight lifting is gone. Exercise and stretching at the same time moves you into bright new dimensions of training. That is actually why the strength and flexibility goes hand in hand while using the RamCarver.


It’s not just about how you look; it’s about how you feel, how you think and how you function.

Keep in mind that training with RamCarver is highly addictive. The results are visible after very short period of time and that is probably the main reason, why you will use it more and more often. But never forget to use brain first and remember that any extreme does not bring anything positive.
Also please read safety instruction before using RamCarver.


RamCarver is made of quality materials for everlasting functionality and safety.


Ergonomic handles with surface made of non-slip rubber protects you while training. Your palms will not hurt with no need to wear fitness gloves. Not even for more advanced techniques of your workout.


The center of RamCarver is made up of quality steel axle. Strong enough to provide support up to 136Kg of exercisers weight.


The wheel itself is wide enough to provide you stability during training. Bevelled edges enable the side moves with maximal safety.


Steel spiral inside the wheel helps you to stop on exact point where you started from. It also provides resistance while moving forward and support when going back.


The rubber “tire” will not slip on the smooth surface and have no troubles with a carpet too. It does not leave any marks on the floor.


Don’t take out word for it. take theirs!



Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going.

Starting position
on your knees

Stretch forward
while inhaling

Go back to the starting position
while breathing out and go again


If you’re ready to be inspired then take the first step and join us.

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